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Sorry I could not post anything for some time. Actually I am in 12th and have my board exams-Its is a very crucial time for me and I need your wishes.

Will come back soon….!

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Liebster Award #1

Hello everyone! I have been a little busy due to my school and exams but I am back! So this is my second award and my first Liebster award!! I am so very excited and happy. A big big thanks to my dear friend and a wonderful blogger underthecandlelight for this nomination I just love her blogs and always wait for a new post. So before writing this post , I did a bit of research and I got to know that liebster means somebody who is dear to you and after that I feel much more happy!

So here are the rules….

And here are my answers…..

Who was the inspiration behind your blog ?
Hmmm….. the only thing that inspired me to  start writing a blog was a desire to share my thoughts and words with others and to have a space where I can freely express myself.

Your favourite colour and why ?

My favourite colour is blue. I don’t know why but somehow it always catches my attention and I feel a connect to it. And I also I always end up buying blue clothes 😉

What is the aim of your life ?
since my childhood, like every parent, my parents have done a lot for me.They have taken greatest of the pains to fulfill all my wishes and necessities. So I always that I grow up to give them a fulfilling life. YES I want to earn a lot of money, but for them so that I can fulfill all their wishes ! 

Who is your favourite blogger ?
HaHa…..you must ask who isn’t! But I feel a certain connect with lida’s musings.

Describe your ideal location .

Under a tree, beside a river.

What is something you can’t stay without ?
If its a thing, then’my tab’ frankly and if its a person, then ‘family’.

Which season excites you the most ?
Rainy season. The pitter patter of raindrops, the cold breeze and the rainbow fill me with with a lot of energy and positivity.

Describe one incident that brought a change to you .

A few years ago my grandfather met with an accident. It was impossible for him to survive as his brain  was severely injured but he did! That day I started believing in optimism, faith and that miracles do happen.

If you had to make a wish what it would be ?

Peace ……

Fire or water

Water for sure… its so calm and soothing!

Any advice you would like to share ?

Don’t cling on to your perspective. Try to understand other’s as well.


I am a huge fan of optimism.

I like meeting new people and interacting with them.

I am a sleepy person.

I hate maths.

I love studying and exploring psychology.

The only fear I have is to see my dear ones in pain.

Crying makes me feel better.

I feel lack of freedom.

Stage is my second home.

GOD is my refuge.

I am really finding it difficult to write about myself…:P

My Questions remain same as charvi’s.

Finally Here are my Nominations…..

lida’s musings

Anjali soni


falling again

Azura skies

So I am done with my first Liebster award. I have also been nomnated by the peculiar blog reader to which i would be replying shortly.

so till then …BE HAPPY AND ENJOY!!


When The Sun Shines


When the sun shines warm upon your face
And you know that you are living
Come out in open and start believing 
That this world is a beautiful place 
Though there are some sorrows
But happiness remember is no less
And there are always better tomorrows
Never ever leave hope in life
Cause it will make you lighter 
If for you the world seems a battle ground
Don’t forget, You too are a fighter
Every cloud has a silver lining 
You just need to look for it
And behind those clouds the sun is shining 
You just need to believe it

For every future is bright and happy is every ending!

Children Of the World

For all the light that shines in the world, light of hope and light that ensures a brighter future, I see children as its source. Childhood is the phase of vigor and vitality. It is like the beautiful season of spring where you can see the rarest bloom and the wildest hopes revive! However the reality is far too ugly and bitter. Reality speaks of violence against children across the globe. Reality is where many children wither off before they can bloom.

On 19th August 1982, at its emergency special session on the question of Palestine, the General Assembly decided to commemorate 4 June every year as the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression in the light of the great number of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese children victims of Israel’s acts of aggression. The purpose of this day is to acknowledge the pain suffered by children across the globe in either form whether physical mental or sexual and recognize the need to protect them. The motive of this day demands that nations, organizations and individuals all over the world come together to raise their voice against  child abuse and participate in campaigns to protect child rights.

Violence against children is a worldwide phenomenon and no country whether rich or poor can boast of its non-existence. It continues to ruin lives fearlessly in varied forms. In the recent decades some extreme forms of child abuse including sexual exploitation and trafficking, female genital mutilation (FGM), the worst forms of child labour and the impact of armed conflict have shook people of all nationalities and has raised an alarm for international concern and the need for a solution. Children suffer abuse at their homes, schools, streets, detention centers and where not. The perpetrators are often parents, family members, caretakers, friends or any acquaintance. The result many times is early death. However for those who survive ‘death’ becomes a wish as they find it difficult to cope with the physical, psychological and emotional scars that haunts them even as an adult. Thus, not only risking their health, but also rendering them with the inability to learn, develop and create sound families.

According to a UN report, an estimated 150 million girls and 73 million boys under 18 have experienced forced sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual violence involving physical contact. WHO estimates that almost 53,000 child deaths in 2002 were homicides. UNICEF estimates that in sub-Saharan Africa, Egypt and Sudan, 3 million girls and women are subjected to FGM every year. ILO estimates that 218 million children were involved in child labor in 2004, of whom 126 million were engaged in hazardous work. Estimates from 2000 suggest that 5.7 million were in forced or bonded labor, 1.8 million in prostitution and pornography, and 1.2 million were victims of trafficking. Only 2.4% of the world’s children are legally protected from corporal punishment in all settings. The figures are horrifying but what is worst is that these account for only those cases that were reported while there twice as many cases which go unreported.

It’s worth noting that the violence against children is a major hurdle on the path to global development. The mission of universal education for all cannot be embraced until schools are made safe where all forms of violence i.e. bullying, sexual assaults are not present. A world where HIV/AIDS continue to raise its ugly head cannot boast of economic development. However the good news is that violence against children is not inevitable. We need to conduct comprehensive studies that aims to track the causes and sources of violence and adopt a pragmatic approach to integrate policies in favor of child rights protection with national action plans. Various programs and campaigns need to be launched to work at grass root levels and spread awareness on a wide scale. There is a need to strengthen the national and local commitments to create accessible and child-friendly reporting systems and services.


The Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi said in one of his interviews, “All children in the world are our children.” We must try that we do not remain inactive in this effort to save millions of childhood. All children want is love and care. Children have a right over their childhood, a phase when they play with toys, learn the alphabets and construct the future, both their and ours.