Just a random thought!

Look Inside You….There is Everything You Need

Life is a mystery meant to be decoded by all of us. Life is a maze with intricate twists and turns , meant to bewilder us and make us question every step of ours. Life plants within our minds a host of questions and doubts . So we are in constant search of the key to this mystery and the map of this maze. But the question is how successful we prove to be in our endeavours? Are we searching the key and the map at the right places?

As a child my questions  were pretty simple to answer. “Why is the sky blue?”, “Where does God  live?”, “Why is sugar so sweet?” etc. Or may be the questions weren’t so simple; but they were easy to answer because I accepted everything on the face of it. Logic and reasoning had not settled upon me yet. More importantly they were questions about the outside world and not essentially about myself.

But the level of difficulty in finding answers to my question kept on increasing with my transition from childhood to teenage. Now these questions were mostly about myself and I had developed these rigid filters which discarded most of the answers, that I was able to gather from friends, family and to a great deal T.V,  as illogical and irrelevant to my circumstances. “Why should I listen to everyone when none listen to  me?”, ” Why am I forced to behave in a particular way?”, “Should I or should I not?” etc.

As I stood at the threshold of adulthood when I was 16 and 17, primarily juggling with my high school examinations, career planning and maturity, these questions and self-doubt became much more intense and tormenting. “What if I fail?”, “Am I capable enough?, ” Is it a better decision to stay quiet than to speak my heart loud?”, ” Should I take the risk to take the path less travelled?”. The realisation of the fact that my decisions would affect those around me complicated things and the desire to get everything right pushed to me to greater levels of anxiety.  

The key and the map were nowhere to be found. 

Soon a realisation hit me. Perhaps I was searching for them at the wrong places. I was looking for  them in the world outside me hoping that perhaps my parents or friends or teachers or books or just anyone would answer my questions aptly. But I never bothered to ask myself those questions and that I accept was so foolish of me because, 

Who can know me better than myself? Why should I be dependent on others? 

So with this it became a daily routine for me to talk to myself. It is a wonderful journey to form a bond with your innerself. To create a place within you where you can embrace yourself without any conditions.

Every morning I sit down in complete solitude. I speak out loud in my mind, things that bother me and then closely observe my thoughts. I appreciate myself for the good things I had done the previous day or accept my mistakes followed by a promise to improve them. 

Believe me, the peace you find in this way is unaffected by the outside world because its roots have manifested themselves within you which is a sacred place. 

Therefore trust yourself. Look inside you. There is Everything that you need, even the key and the map.