College Confusion

Hey Guys!

Well, my board results have come and yes I am very happy with my percentage. But it has been accompanied by a lot of confusion.

Wait I’ll explain you.

First of all, I want to make a career for myself in journalism and mass communication but I want to take it up at post graduation level. For my graduation, I want to take up some course that would help me build a knowledge base. So after a lot of thinking, I decided to go for Political Science Honours.

But yet another dilemma awaited me….the GREAT COLLEGE CONFUSION.For sure I want to get into Delhi University. I am confused between LSR and Hindu.

LSR is at a higher rank than Hindu. But the problem with it is that, first it is very far off from my place and second it is a very isolated college. Hindu, on the other hand is in North campus of Delhi University which like a dream place and has a fabulous and lively atmosphere.

So right now, the state of my mind is a little unsettled. I want to go for the best. Let see where I land!

P.S.-Please give me your suggestions, what do you think and what you would have done if you were at my place.


22 thoughts on “College Confusion

  1. I must say I am not fully aware of the institutions you are talking about, but in my experience with the education system in America, a better and more prestigious university, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better for you. We often get sold on titles of school and yes that is important, but you also want to find a school that you will be happy and identify with. At the end of the day, hardwork is what separates people apart and regardless of what institution you decide on… if you are doing good work, you’ll be noticed anywhere. Good luck!
    Also, check out my posts about my college experience:

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  2. Visit both campuses, and pick the one that feels more like home. I used that strategy for both college and high school. Worked both times. If they’re both good schools then all that’s left is where you feel more comfortable.

    Good luck!

    – Alex

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  3. First of all my congratulations for having passed out with flying colors. I think it is better to be at a place near home and note that it is great individuals that make great institutions…

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