Breaking the frames #When Clothes don’t fit me…

The society builds for its members certain kinds of frames in which everyone is expected to fit regardless of their features and their choices. The one who doesn’t fits is criticized , tormented, made to be afraid and finally crushed.

Female are always told what to wear and what not. Sometimes I wonder all people see in a women is her ‘appropriateness’ ( like if they get sometime offstaring at their skin). It doesn’t matter if you are a girl next door or a celebrity like Priyanka Chopra. ( C’mon its her choice as to what to wear while meeting the PM and believe me she looked just perfect.)

We all are fighting and struggling with it, either in silence or through rebellion. Let me a share a small conservation I had with an uncle who leaves in my neighbourhood which gave me some sense of satisfaction.

So the scene was that a few students were waiting for their bus in the morning. One of the girls was a wearing salwar suit ( for my foreign friends, its a an ethnic Indian dress) which is actually her school uniform. Her father, who can be perceived as a perfect sample of men overeaten by stereotypes in particular to “ideal way a women should behave”, commented that girls don’t look good in skirts . So salwar suits should be the school uniform of every school. After all salwar suit is the traditional attire of India and we must stick to our culture. And then he gave a long speech on its pros . He ended himself with weird kind of a pride in his eyes which also awaited a round of thundering praises and cheers.

I could feel my blood boiling. But when he glanced at me expecting an approval, I decided to agree with him.

“Yes Uncle. You are absolutely right . Why not?”

” But just one thing, if culture is everything you care about.then boys should also be made to wear dhoti kurta to school. Because as far as I remember trousers and shirts are of English origin.”

” And if the matter is something else, then please Uncle be kind enough to keep it with yourself. Thank you!”

His face made an awkward position that reflected his distaste over my view point but I didn’t  care.

Let me make one thing clear, through this post I don’t want to fight for a girl’s right to wear skirts or short dresses, but a girl’s freedom to wear whatever she likes and wants, Freedom that she won’t be judged by her clothes. A girl wearing a skirt will not be seen as ‘characterless’ and the one wearing a saree will not be underestimated and disregarded as behen ji.

I am not restricted to my clothes…i am beyond material!

share your thoughts with me and with one another

stereotypes will freeze if we will not break the ice !


College Confusion

Hey Guys!

Well, my board results have come and yes I am very happy with my percentage. But it was accompanied by a lot of confusion.

Wait I’ll explain you.

First of all, I want to make a career for myself in journalism and mass communication but I want to take it up at post graduation level. For my graduation, I want to take up some course that would help me build a knowledge base. So after a lot of thinking, I decided to go for Political Science Honours.

But yet another dilemma awaited me….the GREAT COLLEGE CONFUSION.For sure I want to get into Delhi University. I am confused between LSR and Hindu.

LSR is at a higher rank than Hindu. But the problem with it is that, first it is very far off from my place and second it is a very isolated college. Hindu, on the other hand is in North campus of Delhi University which like a dream place and has a fabulous and lively atmosphere.

So right now, the state of my mind is a little unsettled. I want to go for the best. Let see where I land!

P.S.-Please give me your suggestions, what do you think and what you would have done if you were at my place.

Thought that Board exams left me with……

Hello Everyone!

Finally I am back. My exams went well and yes I survived them. Frankly speaking , on the last day of my ‘ class 12th board exams’, it was actually hard to digest the fact that they are really over. I mean all the frenzy around this ‘ life determining’ exam had come to end and the funny part is that I felt some kind of a void in life.

Nonetheless , I am back to normal debarring a few times when the thought of results gives me jitters and then I bounce back to reality with a positive thought that since I have worked so hard, the fruit is going to be sweet.

Let me tell you something that has been brewing in my mind since the last day of my exams. After  my psychology paper which was the last one, I came home and called my teacher. We were discussing the answers of some difficult questions and I had all of them right but to my dismay I got one of the questions wrong in Section A which was the easiest section. I was completely disheartened . I was telling myself that “you got that wrong otherwise you had a chance of securing full marks.” I withdrew myself and sat with hung and pale face wondering about the 2 marks I had lost. I felt my heart paining.

But suddenly some kind of a voice inside me said, ” Hey wait! You can’t demean all the questions which you got right for just one question.” This took e into another line of thought and a number of questions and answers started erupting in me.

” Have I defined happiness so narrowly for myself?”

” Yes you have and It’s not right.”

” Today I lost two marks and I am so sad. Later in life I may lose many things. Will then sadness completely engulf me?”

” If things go the way they are right now, yes it will.”

” So then this means that I will never be happy in life because my frame of happiness is too small and rigid?”

” Yes again. Happiness is subjective. It is a reward we give to ourselves. If we can be happy only if we chose it for ourselves. Happiness can be made so strong that it can overshadow all kinds of pains and remain with us in all circumstances.”

I was no more sad. I decided to be happy for things I have done right in exams. I realised this fact that an answer sheet cannot be perfect, an exam cannot be perfect and similarly life too cannot be just perfect. But the spirit we carry decides how imperfections can prove to be bliss. Happiness is not the result of the perfect, it is the ingredient to a perfect life.

Many of us are driven by motives, desires and dreams but every time things don’t work out our way. But this doesn’t we will sit with a hung and pale face. We must rejoice for even the littlest blessing and achievement.

I am trying to rediscover happiness. Help me out. Tell me how do you define happiness or any experience that had left you with an insight about happiness.happiness is

And I end up deciding not to die…..

Some days are too bad and my existence on this planet seems to be merely a burden on others and that on myself and I do wish to relieve myself in anyway, even if death is the only one. When relationships appear to be complicated, tangled in a way that is hard to resolve and I find myself stuck like a helpless bee, worn off by  flaping its wings in attempts to liberate itself. Pain terrifies me as it seems to be an unending phenomenon and the fact that its source is my dear one magnifies its effect on me. When people  around me have turned into aliens or perhaps I have turned into an alien for them that they aren’t able to understand me, interprete my emotions and weigh my pain. And I cry silently.

But faith is that keeps me alive in those dark nights . A belief that God is with me, watchimg me, listening to me. It makes me feel that I am not abandoned and forgotten like an old sapling in the garden of world. When I’m alone, I can feel His arms wrapped around me in affection and He whispers softly into me ears, Don’t worry child, you are not alone. Everything would be fine soon. And in silence, I can hear him speak to me in a voice that seems familiar amd serene, All that is happening is for a reason. It will make you a grow as a person . The storm is fierce  I know but you can sail through it to  find the coast that was meant for you. You have a strength, discover it.Yes, I can .

And I end up deciding not to die. For He believes me  and I believe him. For there are many who love me and I don’t want to be a ‘dear’ source of pain for them. I do not sink because faith, hope and love lifts me up.