Just a random thought!


All You Need


All you need is a person

Who listens to you


When you can’t control emotions

All you need is a person

Who gives you the freedom to

Confide darkest confessions

Who neither comments

Nor questions

Who remains quiet and just listens to you

When you feel burdened, dejected, broken

Wounded by words


Provoked by anger

All you need is someone

Who refuses to be judgmental

Who doesn’t gauge the depth of your emotions

Who doesn’t want to control them


All you need is a person

Who just listens without responding

Without reflecting

Without keeping anything for long

Sometime all you need is someone

Just someone.

When The Sun Shines


When the sun shines warm upon your face
And you know that you are living
Come out in open and start believing
That this world is a beautiful place
Though there are some sorrows
But happiness remember is no less
And there are always better tomorrows
Never ever leave hope in life
Cause it will make you lighter
If for you the world seems a battle ground
Don’t forget, You too are a fighter
Every cloud has a silver lining
You just need to look for it
And behind those clouds the sun is shining
You just need to believe it

For every future is bright and happy is every ending!

The Wind Was Strong

The wind was strong

But not enough

To break our bond

But it did

Like leaves fall

And petals detach

From branches and flowers

Never to face reunion

But only separation brought by the wind

The wind was strong

But not enough

Was our bond so weak?

The bitter truth I fear it is

The relationship we nurtured

With love and care

Never did I thought was so vulnerable

And easy to wither

You belonged to me, I thought

So I did not fear the consequences

Of my actions and your reactions

And with no alterations

Spoke it all

Cried too loud

Hoping that you would not fret

But wipe my tears

But my hopes were shattered in matter of seconds

All that  I did was for you

Believe me I believed you

No intentions were meant to hurt you

Though my words weren’t filtered

But they were reflections of my heart

Never in all these years

You taught me diplomacy

Or demanded it in our relation

So what happened today?

When I needed you the most

To let not my trust deter

And your arms so tender

Could have embraced me

Like happy childhood days

But they didn’t

And you chose to fill the gap

With misunderstandings and bitter silences

And since then days have passed by

Not a single one

When I didn’t cry

Pain has become the only

Loyal companion

A void in life

The strong wind brought

You abandoned me dear

I could not

Not easy it is

To estrange old bonds

Nurtured over years

Embedded in habits

But your ease at it breaks me down

Even more

Efforts I put to bring you back

Fail in their endeavor

Hatred could have brought

A kind of peace

And reduced the agony of my soul

 But I love you with all my heart

And that’s only what I can do.

Perhaps if this silence my dear

Comforts you more

I’ll accept it

Love is about sacrifice

But if you are in the same pain as I am

Come back my life

Yes the wind was strong

But not enough to break our bond.